8 Reasons For You To Start Aquatic Therapy During Pregnancy

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Occupational or recreational therapy conducted in a heated pool is referred to as aquatic therapy (water therapy or aquatic therapy). Aquatic therapy is used under various circumstances. Essentially, it assists in improving body flexibility and strength, improving focus on bodily awareness, movement of body muscles and sensory health and integration. Here are 8 reasons why you should start aquatic therapy during pregnancy.

Temporary weight loss

Floating in water actually creates a nearly weightless environment for you. When you are submerged up to your neck in water, there is a reduction of body weight by 90%. People with fear of water can receive assistance from therapists who offer special floating equipment for aquatic therapy in CT. The floating equipment makes you less fearful and more relaxed giving you the best experience.

Boosting healing process

If you have been involved in an accident and suffered injury (that may have required surgery), water therapy comes in handy making the healing process quicker. When your body is in the water, it does not need to carry weight as it does on land. In addition, it helps relieve pain, which is advantageous to pregnant women carrying extra weight.

Comfort and relaxation

When your body is immersed in hot water, your blood vessels dilate increasing circulation. Five minutes after your body has been immersed in water, the pulse and blood pressure begin to drop. Nearly ten minutes later, the circulation gets better in the hands and feet making your extremities warmer. Your muscles relax as the body becomes more receptive to passive exercise.

No pain in therapy

Water has resistance in all directions, which makes it a better place for exercise. You can manipulate water resistance depending on your speed and weight control. Exercise in the water offers resistance and cardio-vascular training. When you burn down calories, you will not feel any fatigue.

Fun in therapy

Exercise is an important part of your life. Being in warm water is good for your health and also fun. It makes all the tension of stressful days slip away as if the water is just carrying it all away.

Hydrostatic pressure

Water has higher density. The high density explains why you experience hydrostatic pressure, which alleviates body aches and pains when you get into a hot bath at home. Hydrostatic pressure also reduces swelling and enhances blood circulation.

3-Dimensional experience

In other therapies, it is quite evident that your body is engaged in one-dimensional therapy. Your therapist can only work on one part of your body at a time (usually while you are on a plane).However, having water therapy enables you to have 3-dimensional bodywork. It offers support to your spine while relaxing all your muscles.

Rewarded efforts

Sometime the usual land-based exercise routines may not yield fruit. This is particularly frustrating to pregnant women. Aquatic therapy combines both resistance and hydrostatic pressure to give you great relief. It enables you to get plenty of exercise and other positive results. The last thing you will worry about when you choose to have aquatic therapy is body ache.

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