Benefits of Animal Moves for Children!

child animal crawling to benefit her core strength, while having fun

Benefits of Animal Moves for Children!

Body movement is an essential aspect to our intellectual processes. It enables us to take information through our senses and anchors the information in our neural networks. Proper development needs good nutrition, oxygen, sensory stimulation and freedom of movement. Movement is just as important as the rest. Have your child try these fun animal movements to aide their development.

Rabbit Walk:
Squat down to touch the floor with your palms flat
Move hands forward and quickly follow with your feet to hop

Snake Walk:
Lay on your stomach on the floor
Bend your elbows and keep your legs straight
Move yourself forward with your elbows while your legs slither

Gorilla Walk:
Bend forward and hang your arms down
Swing arms side to side while moving forward with knees slightly bent

Get up on your toes
Raise both arms straight above head resting one hand on top of the other
As you move forward on tippy toes, move arms back and fourth.

Bear Walk:
Bend forward to place hands on floor
Move right hand and right foot at the same time
Move left foot and left hand at the same time

Frog Jump:
Squat down like a frog with your hands in-between your knees
Push off with your feet to spring forward

Turtle Walk:
Kneel on all fours
Slowly move your right arm and left left at the same time
Next move your left arm and right leg at the same time

Crab Walk:
In a squatting position reach backwards with your arms and put both hands flat on the floor behind you
Raise up bottom until your head, neck and body are in a straight line
Move forward, backwards or sideways

While on your knees, keep elbows straight and place your hand on the floor
A person will pick up your feet by holding your ankles while you walk forward with your hands

Seal Walk:
Lay your stomach on the floor
Push up your body with straight arms
Move forward with your arms while you drag your feet

Bird Flap:
Place your hands on your hips and bend your elbows
Move your elbows back and forth to flap your wings

Child animal moving to benefit his core strength and mobility, while having fun!

The Benefits of Animal Moves

Animal moves can build core strength
Animal moves can improve mobility
Animal moves can improve coordination and balance
Animal moves can improve cardio conditioning
Animal moves help you to have fun with fitness
Animal moves can help with smooth transitions
Animal moves provide heavy work and weight bearing for sensory input
Animal moves improve focus and attention

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