Common Problems That Speech Therapists Deal With

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The ability to express yourself through words is an amazing thing. Sadly, there are a lot of people who have a hard time speaking. By failing to say the right words, they fail to communicate their thoughts. This occurrence can be quite hard especially for kids. Life can be quite very hard for any kid who cannot express himself. But there is speech therapy. It is designed to treat various problems that negatively affects the way children speak. Here are some examples of those problems:

Articulation disorder

Probably the most common kind of speech disorder is articulation disorder. Articulation disorder refers to the inability to say sounds or words correctly. Kids who suffer from this disorder cannot be understood. They usually make sounds that are hard to understand. And since they cannot articulate words well, people around them cannot understand what they want or what they are trying to express. It is easy for kids who suffer from this to feel left out and of course, misunderstood. It takes time for some kids to develop their articulation skills. Speech therapists are very patient with kids who have this problem. They teach kids with the right tongue and lip positions so that the right sounds would be produced.

Fluency disorder

Another common problem among kids is fluency order. Fluency disorder is the inability to say words fluently – in short, they have stuttering problems. When kids stutter, they tend to repeat sounds or syllables. Speech therapists first determine what causes the stuttering and once they do so, they recommend various therapy techniques. Usually, kids stutter because they try to talk to fast. When they try to talk to fast, their speech is impeded and they stutter. Sometimes, stuttering also has something to do with the environment. Kids who are not comfortable with the environment are less relaxed and the way they talk is negatively affected.

Breathing disorder

Proper breathing is important in oral communication. Sometimes, kids need to control their breathing so that words can be pronounced properly and at the right volume – not too loud or not too soft. Usually, therapists will guide their patients to breathe on pinwheels. Pinwheels help the kids have an idea on how strong or how soft their breaths are. They are asked to say various sounds and eventually words and with the use of the pinwheel, correct how they say speak. Sometimes, puppets are also used especially for kids who tend to speak with very weak and soft voices.

Expressive disorder

There are also kids who suffer from expressive disorder. This means that they have hard time expressing themselves since they cannot put the right words in order. Most kids who suffer from expressive disorder also have a hard time using language properly. These are the kids who often fail in their grammar lessons. Extra time would have to be allotted for them so that they would be able to use proper language. They would also be introduced to numerous words and their usage so that these can be used for self-expression.

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