Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is all about appreciating the special people in our lives. It’s a time for kids to celebrate friendship and family, learning important lessons about gratitude and kindness!


Through different activities like making cards and fun exploration activities, children discover the joy of giving and the importance of cherishing the people who make their lives brighter. Valentine’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to cultivate meaningful connections, spread positivity, and embrace empathy, ultimately shaping them into caring individuals.


Valentine's Day Card Making

 Help little ones craft personalized Valentine’s Day cards for their cherished ones! Provide a kaleidoscope of materials such as vibrant paper, markers, stickers, and glitter, empowering children to express their affection in delightful ways.

 Dive into these creative card ideas


   – Engaging in the art of cutting, pasting, and decorating refines fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and grip strength. Manipulating small elements and wielding scissors hone dexterity and precision.

   – Encouraging heartfelt messages for the cards fosters language development, articulation, and expressive communication skills. It’s a chance for children to practice verbalizing their sentiments and thoughts.

   Get into the crafting groove with this Valentine’s Day card-making melody

Valentine's Day Sensory Exploration

 Immerse in a sensory exploration with a Valentine’s Day-themed sensory bin with colored rice, heart-shaped beads, textured fabrics, and fragrant elements. Encourage children to explore the bin using all their senses, uncovering hidden treasures and reveling in sensory-rich encounters.


   – Sensory bins offer avenues for tactile exploration, aiding in sensory regulation and tactile processing. Children engage in tactile experiences, enhancing their tolerance to diverse textures.

   – Describing the sensory elements fosters language development, vocabulary expansion, and descriptive prowess. Children articulate their sensory encounters, enriching their communication skills.

 Valentine’s Sensory Bin Ideas

Heart-Themed Obstacle Course

Construct a heart-shaped obstacle course using pillows, cushions, or toys. Challenge children to conquer the course, leaping over cushions, walking around the shape of the heart, and mastering balance.


   – Negotiating obstacles in the course fosters planning, sequencing, and problem-solving skills, nurturing executive function and cognitive development.

   – Providing verbal guidance during the course enhances receptive language skills and auditory processing, as children follow instructions and respond to verbal cues in an energetic setting.

  Help kids get moving with these Valentine’s Day-themed tunes: 

   – Song 1

   – Song 2

   – Song 3

Look Local for Valentine's Day Events

 Extend the festivities beyond the home by exploring local Valentine’s Day events tailored for kids! 

Check out your community center, library, or local attractions for special Valentine’s Day-themed activities. From crafts and storytimes to interactive workshops and themed parties, there’s something for every young Valentine to enjoy. Engaging in community events not only adds to the holiday spirit but also provides an opportunity for children to socialize.

Celebrate Valentine's With Your Littles This Year!

This Valentine’s Day, let’s participate activities that nurture the mind, and body! Whether crafting heartfelt cards, exploring sensory wonders, conquering obstacle challenges, or immersing in local events, each activity presents opportunities for children to thrive. Happy Valentine’s Day from CFZ!

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