Feeding Therapy Protocols

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Feeding Therapy Protocols

Cheshire Fitness Zone has established protocols and guidelines for staff and clients to maintain a safe and clean environment to work and treat clients. Below you will find our list of feeding therapy protocols.  Resources to create this guideline have been developed with information provided by Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Center for Disease Control, and American Physical Therapy Association.  As guidelines are updated our protocols will be updated accordingly. 

  • Feeding treatment and evaluations begin the week of June 15, 2020.
  • Feeding treatment will not overlap unless occurring in the Cheshire location where there are two kitchens for treatment (to avoid sharing the kitchen with additional people).
  • Feeding team will create a form outlining items needed for the feeding appointment.
  • The therapist will e-mail form to the family 3-5 days before scheduled appointment.
  • All food & oral motor tools will be brought to the clinic from home:
    • Treating therapist will enter a note in practice perfect (noted on day of appointment) with items to bring so CFZ office staff can reference when calling the day before.
    • CFZ office staff will remind caregiver of items to bring when calling the day before for health screening.
  • Therapist may use their own set of oral motor tools which will be cleaned at the therapist’s home.
  • One parent present during session as needed for food handling and hands-on facilitation as directed by therapist.
  • Disposable tablecloth used on table and discarded after each session.
  • Only disposable items used during treatment (paper plates, cups, plastic utensils).
  • Locked storage cabinet placed in FM/IM room to store extra paper goods for treatment.
  • Use disposable floor covering (tablecloth) if treating in a carpeted room.
  • Lending items suspended until further notice.
  • Plexiglass barrier will be used whenever possible.
  • Therapist participation in session (consuming food) at therapist’s discretion based on comfort level.
  • Mask worn at all times unless 6 feet away or behind plexiglass barrier with parent consent.
  • Gloves worn at all times during treatment and when cleaning after treatment.
  • Activities such as bubble mountain, blowing items across table, rocketing, etc. are suspended until further notice.
  • If physical contact is necessary during infant evals, therapist will double glove or will direct caregiver.
  • If a treatment includes food prep/cooking: food will not be consumed until further notice.
  • Feeding chairs:
    • Encourage parents to bring a travel chair to treatment
    • Use disposable cover over chair if appropriate
    • Use plastic strap covering if available
    • Clean and disinfect clinic feeding chair thoroughly if used

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