Opportunities to encourage speech and language development during your snow day!

playing outside in snow, working on speech development

It is finally a SNOW DAY!

The snow has finally arrived! Playing outside in the snow is not only a wonderful way to create special memories but it provides many opportunities to encourage speech and language development. Here are some activities you can do at home during your snow day. 

playing outside in snow, working on speech development

Build a snowman!

While building your snowman: 

  • Label body parts (eyes, nose, mouth), shapes (circle, oval, triangle) and sizes (small, medium, big) 
  • Practice following one step directions (put the hat on, etc.) as well as basic concepts (in, out, on, off) 
  • Dress your snowman and label the clothes. Describe the clothes and their function (a scarf keeps our neck warm)  

Winter Scavenger Hunt!

A family scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to explore the outdoors. Make a simple list of winter items for your kids to find outside while playing in the snow. The possibilities are endless (snow, snowman, shovel, pinecone, bird, sled) Once they find the items, they can cross them off the list. While on the scavenger hunt: 

  • Label new vocabulary 
  • Ask simple questions (Where did you find the sled? Who found the snowman?) 
  • Describe each object (size, shape, color, category, function) 

Go Sledding!

When sledding down the hill: 

  • Practice early developing sounds such as “whee” or say “ready, set…. go!” 
  • Encourage your child to request the activity again by saying “more”! 
  • Narrate actions such as “We are going down the hill”  

and last but not least...have a snowball fight!

  • Practice following directions while incorporating verbs (roll, throw, run) 
  • Model pronouns such as “Its my turn” “Its your turn” 

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