Our New Acts of Kindness Toy Chest!

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What is the Acts of Kindness Toy Chest?

Our Act of Kindness Toy Chest was created by our Diversity Team at Cheshire Fitness Zone!

The purpose of the toy chest is to spread a little bit of kindness and joy. The Act of Kindness Toy Chest is our free, communal toy chest located in our lobby. Anyone can take a toy out of the toy chest, as long as you complete a free act of kindness!

Using our toy chest is easy, just choose your toy and complete a free act of kindness as your “payment”!
Free acts of kindness include smiling, thanking a friend or a therapist, telling someone they are doing a great job, or complimenting someone!

How to Use the Acts of Kindness Toy Chest

Check out our video on how to use our new toy chest. It’s easy, spread some kindness during your next visit! 

Click here to see how to use the toy chest! https://www.youtube.com/shorts/xIRmSNYuT1g

How to Donate to the Toy Chest

Small, lightly-used or new toys can be donated at the front desk.

Examples of small toys and items include: books, bubbles, fidget toys, stress balls, play dough, and card games

Donations are not necessary, and we appreciate all the wonderful donations and contributions so far!  

Thank you for making it possible to spread a little bit of kindness in our community!

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