Trying Out Aquatic Therapy For Kids With Autism

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Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects kids during the first three years of their life. Kids with autism do not have a normal brain function. Because of this, there are so many things that are different about them compared to most people. Such things include impaired senses as well as difficulty with social interaction. There are numerous interventions that can help kids with autism deal with life. One of the most commonly used treatment is aquatic therapy. Here are some ways wherein aquatic therapy can benefit kids with autism.

• Aquatic therapy can improve muscle strength – Most children with autism have weak muscles. These muscles are strengthened as various exercises are conducted while in water. Water provides resistance – it is not too strong. Asides from repetitive movements, there are also instances wherein kids play in water. As they play, their muscles are also being strengthened.

• Aquatic therapy can improve endurance – Aquatic therapy improves endurance the same way it improves muscle strength. As kids engage in various physical activities in the water, their capability to do these things for longer periods of time is developed.

• Aquatic therapy can develops coordination –
Children with autism usually have very poor body coordination. They have a hard time standing up and they easily lose their balance. Aquatic therapy provides a perfect environment wherein kids would not easily fall down. Buoyancy can assist them in doing various activities without endangering themselves.

• Aquatic therapy can help overcome fears –
There are kids with autism who fear the water. This is not a problem even with aquatic therapy. Therapists try various techniques to alleviate the fear of water. For example, kids would be asked to splash water on their faces. They might be asked to waddle at very shallow parts of a pool. They might even be allowed to play with their toys in the water.

• Aquatic therapy can improve social skills –
Aquatic therapy can also be used to develop a child’s social kids. This works when kids are treated with other kids at the same time. Yes, autism causes kids to have a world of their own. They tend to become isolated. But if they get comfortable in an environment such as the water, the opportunity to improve social interaction should be taken advantage of.

• Aquatic therapy helps develop body awareness –
Some kids with autism have a hard time understanding where their body parts are and how these function. Well, the light pressure that the water gives provides feedback to their various body parts.

• Aquatic therapy can help kids have fun –
One of the best things about aquatic therapy is that it can really be a fun experience for kids with autism. Being in the water and engaging in so many activities can surely help them enjoy life.

These are just some of the benefits in using aquatic therapy for kids with autism. If you know somebody with autism who can benefit from aquatic therapy, let them know about Cheshire Fitness Zone!

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