Why You Need To Seek Physical Therapy After Surgery

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Anyone who has undergone surgery knows that pain, swelling, bruising and a loss of motion often follow the procedure. It is important to get movement after the surgery, as this will help you to return to the previous levels of activity. Physical therapy will help to get you back to your normal life much faster. There is a good reason why doctors will recommend that you get the therapy after surgery. The physical therapy is usually tailored to meet specific conditions, but the benefits are usually similar.

Improve blood circulation

One of the best reasons to get physical therapy is because movement after the surgery will help to improve blood circulation to the injury site. When you consider that the circulatory system helps to deliver fuel throughout the body, you realize that movement will help to reduce swelling after the operation. It removes the fluid build-up that occurs in the body and it helps the healing process by getting the blood to flow to the injured area.

Increasing strength

The physical therapy exercises help to increase strength faster. If you choose to remain in bed to recover, it will take you much longer to get back your strength. Strength is very important because any weakness in a particular area of the body can increase the likelihood of re-injury. The therapy exercises help to improve the overall health and you can reap the benefits long after you have recovered. Patients who have had spine surgery find that rehabilitation helps with pain control and other major benefits.

Restoring mobility

After surgery, you are likely to suffer from swelling and limited mobility or range of motion. The truth is that you may be experiencing pain and a reduced ability to use the body part that required surgery. Therapy will help you to move the injured limb and this will improve your healing time. It also increases your ability to use and move the injured limb. Exercises aimed at restoring joint movement can go a long way to prevent re-injury. The therapy works by aligning and creating balance for the body.

Restore confidence

Apart from the physical benefits, the therapy after surgery can also have emotional benefits. Suffering a serious injury requiring surgery can be very stressful and the recovery process can also increase the stress. The physical therapy exercises will not only restore you to your previous levels of activities, it can help to restore your self-confidence. When you realize that you can do more than expected, you are more confident about complete recovery.

Ideally, the physical therapist will provide education and information that will help to improve the patient’s recovery and overall health. This includes offering advice on lifestyle changes like finding the best sleeping position and drinking enough water through the day. The therapist typically develops a training program that is tailored for a specific patient, considering the patient’s body type, tissue condition and the specific surgery. Most patients wonder if they can get back to certain activities after the surgery. The truth is that a lot will depend on how the patient responds to the physical therapy in Connecticut.

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