A Prescription for Play!

child playing

Play for children is optimal for their development. From pat-a-cake to hide-and-seek, play, in all forms enriches a child’s brain and body in many, important ways.

Benefits of Playtime:

  1. Play is learning and it nurtures development. It can be done by a child alone, with other children or with adults.
  2. Play encourages adults to communicate with their children and giving them the opportunity to play.
  3. Through play, children learn and practice new sounds. They are able to practice and exercise their imagination through storytelling.
  4. Play gives children a chance to be spontaneous. Toys can be used in different ways that one wouldn’t expect but allow their imagination to shine through.
  5. Play allows children to make their own choices. They can choose which toy or activity they want.
  6. It gives children space to practice movement, balance and testing their own limits.
  7. Play allows adults to learn children’s body language.
  8. Play teaches adults patience and understanding.
  9. Most importantly, play is fun!!

There are different types of play that you are able to mix up; toy and object play, physical play, outdoor play and pretend play.

Remember to always give your child plenty of opportunities to play.

An opportunity to play helps children grow and learn skills they need to become creative, healthy and happy adults!

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