The Benefits of Play Doh for National Play Doh Day

occupational therapist using play doh to treat child

National Play Doh Day!

Play doh is a classic occupational therapy tool for fine motor work and sensory play. It is not only fun but can also be used to work on developmental skills, such as hand strength, finger isolation and dexterity, imaginative play and much more. Read on for some play-doh games/exercises/tricks.

1. Hide objects: Make it like a treasure hunt with their fingers. This makes a motivating way to give the fingers a fine motor workout without them even realizing it.
2. Roll the doh: Rolling the doh into a ball or a snake allows the child to grade how much pressure they need to use to create the snake or ball.
3. Make Shapes: Start with you making a shape and then have the child imitate the shape you create. This allows the child to practice turn-taking skills and hand-eye coordination.
4. “Bake” with it: Knead it, roll it with a rolling pin and cut out cookie.
5. Texturize it: add rice or tiny beads. This adds more of a sensory experience.
6. Cut it: Use child-safe knife or scissors to make it more difficult.

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