Children’s Books to Explore in 2024

Start New Reading Habits in 2024!

The new year is a great time to introduce new reading habits to kids! 

Reading everyday is beneficial for anyone of any age. However, it is vital for children to read or to be read to on a daily basis. Research shows that daily reading strengthens literacy and language skills, increases their vocabulary, expands their knowledge on general topics, and enhances their imagination! One study found that young kids whose parents read them five books a day enter kindergarten having heard about 1.4 million more words than kids who were never read to! 

Research also shows that kids who are read only one book a day will hear about 290,000 more words by age 5 than those who don’t regularly read books with a parent or caregiver.

Start incorporating daily reading into your routine! This could be rewinding after dinner or before bed. Get kids involved by taking them to the library weekly and allowing them to pick their own books. Let kids explore different topics they are curious about and prompt discussions while reading with them. Kids will get excited if they are able to take part in what they are learning and exploring! 

Let’s take a look at some books suggestions for you to read with your child this year! 

Books to Read with Kids This Year!

Cultural Books

Cultural books allow kids to learn more about their own culture, country, traditions and holidays. 

Kids should also explore books outside of their own culture and learn about other countries, holidays, and traditions. This allows kids to learn about, appreciate, and understand people that are from other cultures! 

I Can Be All Three By Salima Alikhan

Kids will learn about how people can come from many different backgrounds and cultures! 

“When it’s Multicultural Day at school, a young girl wonders how best to tell the story of who she is. With marigolds, mangoes, and stories of India? Fairy tales, cuckoo clocks, and German tales? Or cheeseburgers, superheroes, and American traditions?

When choosing only one doesn’t feel quite right, she realizes that stories from all three places make her who she is. With whole worlds inside her, she doesn’t have to choose just one—she can be all three.” 


The Light Within You by Namita Moolani Mehra

Experience a story about the holiday of Diwali, the Festival of Lights! Kids will also learn that you can experience cultural holidays, even when you live far away from a native country.  

“Diya is excited to be going to India for Diwali, the Festival of Lights. That means she’ll get to spend time with Nani, her beloved grandma, who she hasn’t seen since her family moved from India. Now India is 7,850 miles away…

Once Diya arrives in India, she immediately feels at home with Nani. Together they go shopping at the bazaar and prepare for the festival. As Diya and Nani celebrate Diwali together, Diya’s heart soars. But all too soon, her trip will come to an end. Is there a way for Diya to take some of the light and magic of Diwali with her when she leaves?”

Books That Help Teach Emotional Regulation

Are You Mad at Me? By Tyler Feder

A book for kids to learn about nerves and anxiety, and how they can better handle those emotions!

“When Opal the ostrich is anxious, her neck feels as wobbly as a spaghetti noodle. Her family lovingly calls this ‘The Noodles,’ and tries their best to help. But it’s not easy to calm down when you’re a worrier like Opal”

I Am Stuck By Julia Mills 

Kids will learn how to handle and regulate different emotions through easy to follow visuals!

“A tender (and humorous!) look at the way tough emotions can make us feel stuck and how the presence of a good friend and a deep belly laugh can make it easier to get through stormy feelings.”


Fuzzies By Steve Skola

Kids will learn to recognize emotions and how to show empathy! 

“FUZZIES helps children develop empathy and strong minds!

Being able to recognize emotions is a critical social-emotional skill for children to develop. Recognizing emotions helps children (and adults) regulate their emotional responses, have empathy for others, and build strong relationships.”

Book With Important Lessons

Tomatoes in My Lunchbox By Costantia Manoli 

Kids will learn about friendship and the importance of being kind to other kids and classmates!

“A moving picture book from a debut author about the first day of school, layered with themes about the immigrant experience and the universal experience of feeling out of place.”

More than Words: So Many Ways to Say What We Mean By Roz Maclean

Children will learn about how people communicate in different ways! 

“At school, Nathan quietly observes the ways his peers communicate. Even when they’re not talking, they’re expressing themselves in all sorts of ways!

By witnessing the beauty of communication diversity, Nathan learns and shows his classmates the essential lesson: Not only does everyone have something to say, but seeking to understand one another can be the greatest bridge to friendship and belonging.

This tender, stunningly illustrated picture book explores and celebrates the many forms of expression―signing, speaking, singing, smiling, among others―and culminates in a poignant story about connection and understanding.”

Remarkable Remy By Melanie Hayworth 

Help kids to better understand autism and what makes people with autism unique! 

“Remarkable Remy is a warm and optimistic story that introduces an Autistic character to a young audience. The story helps explain the Autistic brain – how it works a little differently and how unique it is – and how our neurodivergent friends make the world remarkable!”  

Books To Help Teach Confidence

Bravo, Avocado! By Chana Steifel

Kids will learn that self confidence starts from within! They will also learn about self awareness.

“Avocado wants to stand out, but nothing seems to be working. With the help of her friends, she self-reflects and discovers that all along she was special. This social emotional learning story will help young readers to develop relationship skills and self-awareness.”

Repeat After Me: Big Things to Say Every Day By Jazmyn Simon

Kids will learn about self love and positive affirmations to boost their confidence! 

“In their tender picture book, actors Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill tell children about the magic of self-love and standing firm, regardless of outside voices and doubt. Children will feel their confidence grow as they repeat the encouraging words on the page, take in the warm illustrations, and learn to believe in themselves!”

Start a New Reading Routine!

Kick off a new reading routine with your child in 2024! Make a weekly trip to the library and explore different topics. Look for books that can prompt discussion and teach children valuable life lessons. Make sure to guide kids and ask questions and explain pages as you read together! 

We hope these suggestions will help start a new love of reading for you and your child this year! 

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