Easy Indoor Activities for Kids on Snowy Days!

Snowy and cold days don’t have to be boring! We’re here to make your winter days even brighter with simple, pediatric activities you can easily do at home. Here are some fun and easy activities that also have developmental benefits for your little ones!

Colorful Ice Cubes Letter Painting

   – Benefit: Boosts Fine Motor Skills and Literacy

   – Directions: Fill an ice cube tray with water and add different colors of food coloring into each cube. Add a popsicle stick to the water, and freeze your colorful cube! 

When the ice cubes are ready, give kids a piece of white paper and guide them in writing letters and words. Kids can also draw designs using the different colors! 

This easy, at-home activity makes letter recognition exciting while refining fine motor skills in a playful and accessible way.

Make Your Own Snow Fun

  – Benefit: Enhances gross motor skills and coordination

   – Directions: In one bowl pour some baking soda. Slowly add shaving cream until you get a snowy consistency. Mix your snow with a spoon or popsicle stick. Add shaving cream to the baking soda until you reach your desired consistency. You can add food coloring to the mix to make colorful snow! 

“Making your own snow is good for messy play. This helps them to accept messy textures!” Ms. Julianne, Occupational Therapist

Play I Spy

Benefit: Games like I Spy offer an enjoyable way to teach children about colors and the functions of different items.

Directions:  When playing, they can easily spot and name colors, such as saying, “I spy something red.” Similarly, if you suggest, “I spy something that brings joy,” they’ll need to figure out the related item, maybe guessing a toy or a book. When it’s their turn, they can describe the purposes of objects, reinforcing essential learning skills.

You can also focus on speech sounds by selecting items that align with your child’s target articulation sounds. For instance, if your child is practicing the /k/ sound, they can participate in I Spy with items like a kite, a cup, or a cookie.

Winter Baking

-Benefit: Following directions, Reading, Patience, Motor function

-Directions: Pick your child’s favorite baked dessert. Read the directions and allow and have children help you when appropriate. Have them follow along with each step. Allow kids to help with stirring and mixing.

“Mixing and baking is good for building upper body and fine motor strength!”- Ms. Julianne, Occupational Therapist

Indoor Maze

 – Benefit: Boosts problem-solving and cognitive skills, Muscle strength and body awareness, Balance and coordination

   – Directions: Create a winter-themed maze using cardboard boxes, pillows, sheets, and cushions. Guide your child through the maze, promoting problem-solving and cognitive development within the comfort of your own home!


Indoor Dance Party:

-Benefit: Increase physical activity, Help boosts mood, Enhances creativity

-Directions: Create a simple dance routine to get your kid moving on cold days. Play their favorite song and create a simple choreography that includes small jumps, clapping, and twirling. 

“Indoor dance regulates proprioceptive input!” Ms. Julianne, Occupational Therapist

Have Fun On Your Next Snow Day!

These super easy home-based winter activities aren’t just about learning; they’re about having fun while supporting your child’s growth. From exploring textures to unleashing creativity, each activity is a small adventure! Enjoy these moments of joy and development right in the comfort of your home.

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