Diversify On Your Aquatic Therapy Routine Through Pool Running!

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There is a growing need for newer and more efficient techniques of losing weight and toning muscles in order to keep fit. Pool running is one of such therapies that are gaining popularity among sportsmen who want to build resistance and stay on top of their game, and individuals who want to get their bodies into the right shape. It is very similar to jogging on land only that it is done in water as a form of aquatic therapy, and is considered to be a great method of relieving pain for patients undergoing physical rehabilitation.

Intense workout

The technique involves a series of very intense activities under water that enhance the working of the muscles and builds resistance against injury and for better performance. It is therefore perfect as therapy for the whole body in general instead of training a particular spot. Essentially, such exercise should be done in a deep water pool where you can run without your feet resting on the bottom. This way, you create more resistance for the whole body during the workout hence more efficient results.

Low impact

Jogging under water is ideal as a fitness activity for people who have muscle, bone and joint injuries. The water acts as a cushion that protects the injured parts against further and more complicated damage. Therefore, it is recommended as a way of enhancing body healing and body movement during physiotherapy. As long as the water is controlled such that there is no unnecessary current and consequent turbulence, you are perfectly safe.


Fast benefits

Since aqua jogging is more intense than jogging on land, it will take a shorter time for you to achieve the desired results on your body. The trick to getting maximum benefits is to make sure that you do the exercises correctly. It is quite similar to running on land, only that you have to remain in a certain posture so that you can get enough resistance, and also let the water bear all your weight. Sometimes, you need to use underwater gear to enhance your experience; jogging ropes may assist in positioning your thighs rightfully in relation to your arms and shoulders; and resistance tethers enable a build up of pressure and resistance so that your body can work twice as hard for better results.

Proper training environment

Make sure that you find a proper environment where you can undertake your therapy sessions at flexible hours as may be convenient for you. Consider the facilities you will use to see if they meet the required standards of safety and performance. During this evaluation process, find an expert therapist who has trained other people in the past, and has the necessary skill and technique to guide you through the therapeutic journey.

Predetermined exercise schedule

Together with your trainer, come up with a plan of how you will achieve your results within the specified time. The workout routine should be reasonable in that it is flexible and actionable while at the same time guaranteeing utmost returns in a particular period.

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