Haircuts: The Challenge of Finding Comfort for your Child.


This article was written by a parent of one of our Cheshire Fitness Zone patients.

As a parent of a child with sensory delay, the challenge faced with giving my son a haircut has been a constant battle of patience and pain. As a parent, you would do anything to take your child’s fears away. When it comes to haircuts, it has been especially difficult for him.

After constant struggles to help him, a solution and strategy has come about that seems to have made a significant impact. This solution, came from using an app called “Hair Trimmer Prank!”. The app makes the sound of a real trimmer, including when the hair is being cut as the phone is pressed against the head.

When giving him a haircut now, the use of both the app and a real trimmer has been effective in helping him understand what is taking place. This has made the haircutting experience for him turn in a positive direction.

To all the fellow parents out there having this same struggle, definitely give this a try!

About the App: It simulates a real razor sound so that if you place it on someone’s head they’re going to think you are actually cutting their hair! It was designed to be used as an ultimate harmless prank to pull on your friends but has helped children with sensory delays in many ways. The app features are as follows:
– Realistic sounding shaving machine recorded from a real electrical razor device 
– Device vibrates to even better imitate a real hair clipper (iPhone only)
– The proximity sensor or camera allows to play a cutting sound when the razor touches hair!
– Customize the device color, background and sound!

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