Sensory-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrating with Children of All Abilities! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration often filled with sensory-rich experiences. Here are some sensory-friendly ways for caregivers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their kids! 

Sensory Friendly Tips for Celebrating at a Parade

  • When attending a St. Patrick’s Day parade, consider arriving early to find a quieter spot away from the crowds. 
  • Bring noise-canceling headphones or earplugs to help reduce auditory stimuli.
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothing and consider providing a sensory-friendly toy or object for them to hold.
  • Plan to take breaks as needed, stepping away from the parade route or party venue to a quieter area if your child becomes overwhelmed.
  • Engage your child in the event by explaining what to expect and providing them with a visual schedule or social story.


Alternative Celebration Ideas

If large parades or parties are too overwhelming, consider celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in alternative ways. Host a small gathering at home with close friends or family members, focusing on sensory-friendly activities like making green-themed crafts or baking St. Patrick’s Day treats. 

Visit a local park or nature reserve for a calming outdoor experience, or explore community events that offer quieter, more inclusive celebrations.

Virtual events can also provide a way to participate in the festivities while maintaining a comfortable environment for your child.

Virtual Parade Watching

Watch a virtual St. Patrick’s Day parade online and wear green outfits. Create your own mini-parade in the living room using musical instruments or noise-making toys to add a sensory element to the celebration.

Check out last year’s parade from the comfort of your home!

Fun Dance Videos for Kids:

St. Patrick’s Day Freeze Dance

Sesame Street: Irish Dancing School with Murray

More St. Patrick's Day Activities

Sensory Bins: Create a St. Patrick’s Day-themed sensory bin using materials like green rice, green confetti, and gold coins. This activity provides tactile stimulation and can be calming for children who seek sensory input.

Crafts: Engage in simple St. Patrick’s Day crafts using materials like green paper, stickers, or markers. Crafts can be tailored to the child’s preferences and abilities, focusing on the process rather than the end result. Make leprechaun hats out of construction paper or create a rainbow using colored paper strips.

Story Time: Read St. Patrick’s Day books with calming and engaging storylines. Encourage the child to interact with the story by asking questions or making predictions. Choose stories that feature leprechauns, pots of gold, or magical adventures.

Green Snacks: Look up fun green and festive snacks recipes. Such as making green rice krispie treats dyed green with food coloring! 

Have Fun This Holiday!

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration, and with some thoughtful planning, it can be enjoyable for children of all abilities. By incorporating sensory-friendly strategies and exploring alternative ways to celebrate, families can create meaningful and inclusive St. Patrick’s Day experiences. We hope these tips inspire you to celebrate in a way that is enjoyable and comfortable for your child. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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