Special Needs Exercise Programs for Kids in Connecticut


It’s common knowledge that exercise is important for children. Physical activity improves health, development, and even mental health among kids of all ages.

Unfortunately, for many children with special needs exercise can be more difficult than for their peers. In fact, the epidemic of childhood obesity has been shown to disproportionately affect children with special needs, underlining the need to make exercise easier and instill a habit of including gut flora probiotics in the diet.

Or, as a recent study published by the National Institute of Health put it:

As the nation’s attention turns increasingly to preventing overweight and obesity in children, more community-based activities designed to promote healthy eating and regular physical activity will become available. Children with special health care needs must not only be able to participate in these activities but they must be encouraged to do so.

Of course, if you’re the parent or guardian of a child with special needs this probably isn’t news to you.

If you’re looking for exercise, fitness, or physical therapy programs for a child with special needs in Connecticut, Cheshire Fitness Zone can help.

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Founded by Craig Goldstein to “create a child-friendly environment” and help kids of all ability levels “learn about exercise and nutrition,” Cheshire Fitness Zone has been helping kids and families thrive since 2013.

Physical Fitness and Therapy Offered by Cheshire Fitness Zone

Cheshire Fitness Zone specializes in creating custom physical therapy programs for children with a wide variety of special needs, including (but not limited to) the following:

Cheshire Fitness Zone’s facilities, conveniently located in Cheshire and Meriden, include a physical therapy gym with rock climbing wall, cardio equipment, a swimming pool, ball pit, therapy swings, and more.

Physical therapists at Cheshire Fitness Zone craft custom treatment and exercise programs that work to target specific impairments including muscle weakness, muscle tone (high or low), muscle tightness, joint laxity, poor balance, poor coordination, and pain. This will provide kids with the abilities and confidence to achieve lasting fitness throughout their lives.

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To learn more about special needs exercise programs in Connecticut, get in touch with Cheshire Fitness Zone today by calling (203) 250-9663 or by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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