Speech Therapy for Autism in CT: How Speech Therapy Can Help


Autism spectrum disorders vary widely from child to child. The way autism presents in one child may be completely different from the way it presents in another—and in fact it probably is.

But despite that, children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders do usually have some things in common. They often exhibit behaviors such as repetitive motions or activities, resistance to changes in routine, and especially problems with social cues, interpersonal communication, and verbal speech.

This is why speech therapy is such an integral part of treatment for children with autism.

If you’re in Connecticut and you’re looking for a pediatric speech therapist with knowledge and experience in autism spectrum disorders, Cheshire Fitness Zone has the team for you. Specializing in physical, occupational, and speech therapies for children and adolescents of all ages and abilities, Cheshire Fitness Zone has helped children and families across Connecticut to thrive.

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Common Speech Difficulties in Children with Autism

Autism spectrum disorders can affect children in a variety of ways. Some of the most common involving speech and verbal language include the following:

  • No speech at all (nonverbal), or communicating through grunts, screams, or other noises
  • Echolalia, or reflexively repeating what others say
  • Difficulty with vocabulary or syntax
  • Difficulty understanding varying tones of voice
  • Difficulty with “speech pragmatics,” (i.e., knowing how to say “good morning” as well as when it’s appropriate to say)
  • Difficulty understanding or expressing abstract concepts

Roughly one third of children with autism display communication difficulties like these, or others like them. This can make socialization with peers and even bonding with family challenging.

How Can Speech Therapists Help?

In cases of children with autism, pediatric speech therapists can help to diagnose the exact areas of difficulty with speech and verbal expression. From there, a program of specialized activities and exercises will be created with an emphasis on providing a fun, nurturing and creative environment. This will offer kids the tools they need to express themselves verbally throughout their entire lives.

Speech therapists can also work with parents and caregivers to collaborate on ways in which healthy speech and communication skills can be encouraged and reinforced at home.

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