Springtime Fun & Health: Yoga for Kids at Cheshire Fitness Zone

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Children today live in a society that’s moving at rapid pace. Hurried parents trying to manage their home and work life, video games and mobile devices all play a role in adding stress to our children’s lives.

Our relationships with our children are strained, they’re lacking motivation and focus, and mental health issues are rising.

Being a child shouldn’t be so complicated. Kids deserve to feel the fun and carefree innocence that comes before adulthood.

Yoga for Children

The practice of Yoga is a great way to help children slow down their busy minds and teach them the importance of gratitude and being present in the moment. In addition to the physical and health benefits of using their bodies to perform and hold yoga poses, the ancient practice is also a great way to calm kids and improve their concentration. Most importantly, it’s fun!

Check out the other benefits kids gain from taking part in a yoga class:

  • Relaxation and calmness
  • Pain relief
  • Improves flexibility and balance
  • Improves strength and coordination
  • Improves cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improves concentration and awareness

Cheshire Fitness Zone is offering Kids Yoga Classes for the Spring! After a great winter session, the program is back and will include 6 weeks of dancing, singing, laughing and fun!

The Saturday classes will be led by physical therapist and certified kids yoga instructor, Amanda Morgan, will be offered in 2 class options for kids aged 2-6 years old and another for kids aged 7-11 years old.

Your child will have a blast!

Contact Cheshire Fitness Zone for more information and to register!

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