ADHD, Autism & Anxiety: Using Nutrition to Improve Health


As a nation plagued by obesity and health issues, the current push for better food choices is a welcome change. Part of the problem was due to the fact that meals became more about convenience and cost and less about nutritional value. Today however, thanks to research and new discoveries, we’re now paying closer attention to the foods we’re ingesting into our bodies and finding ways to use food for vitality.

Nutrition for Autism / ADHD

As the parent of a child with a developmental or neurological disorder, it can be difficult to think about nutrition when mealtime in itself is a challenge. Picky eaters, feeding problems and many other hardships are already present. But, considering the ingredients and chemicals in the foods we’re eating is very important as it can greatly exasperate or even help to improve conditions. Plus, it’s a natural way of healing.

By eliminating the foods known to cause sensitivities and reactions, it’s possible to reduce inflammation not just in the body but also in the brain. Less anxiety, more clarity, better digestion, brain health and so many other benefits can be achieved by nurturing the body with the right foods and avoiding those known to create problems.

KID-NUTRITIONGood vs. Harmful Foods

Since conditions can vary from child to child, there is no set rules for what exactly constitutes a “good meal” and what things to avoid. However, there are some food groups that are associated with inflammation, leaky gut and other sensitivity issues commonly associated with Autism and ADHD that when eliminated, have already helped so many.

The problem foods increase hyperactivity, reduce focus and create a varied number of issues in children as the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and make their way to the brain.

The same can be said about getting the right amounts of quality nutrients into a child’s diet. It will assist in improving brain function, mood, help them to focus and even improve behavior.

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On March 2nd, naturopath and biomedical expert Dr. Skowron of Pediatric and Family Center for Natural Medicine will host a free parent session at Cheshire Fitness to speak more on this topic. Along with his colleagues, Dr. Skowron will discuss nutrition, diet, vitamins and genetics. The event will also feature a free gift for attendees.

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