Tummy Time Troubles?


Tummy time is essential for all babies as it provides a foundation for early motor skills like head control, weight bearing through their hands, arms, and shoulders to prepare for crawling, as well strengthening the muscles that help them sit up. Tummy time can also be tied to progression of fine motor skills, like handwriting.

Tummy time can be accomplished by creating a special space- setting a blanket down and putting age-appropriate toys within reach to help engage the child and facilitate the lifting of their head.  It is not uncommon for babies to become fussy when on their stomach. Sometimes the addition of a pillow or towel roll propped under baby’s head or chest will help. Also, laying the child across your legs for tummy time may improve their tolerance to this task because feeling close to their caregiver may help them feel more comfortable and accept this position better.

Want to get a little more creative with tummy time? Take it to the pool while summer lasts! Lay your baby on their tummy on any pool float with your supervision and support. You can use water toys to help engage your child and encourage them to lift their head. Things like a simple kitchen strainer (to make rain) or bath time toys can be incorporated to help motivate your child. Face to face interaction with parents or siblings can be a great way to help gain strength in the back and neck muscles while on their tummy. Who knew there were so many ways to incorporate tummy time!

Take a look at our aquatic services to learn more about how the pool can benefit your child!


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