Therapy Benefits of….Bubbles!

kids playing with bubbles

Fine motor skills. Tracking skills. Hand/eye coordination. Sensory processing skills. Oral motor skills. Social and communication skills. Gross motor skills. Following directions. Identifying body parts. Speech skills. Language and cognitive skills.

Can you guess what fun activity your child can learn all of these skills from?


You may not have thought a two dollar bottle of bubbles could be so beneficial for your child but…go buy that bottle of bubbles!


Whether it be using both hands to hold the bottle and the wand, following where the bubbles go, getting used to the feeling of wet, slimy, sticky bubbles, or even just asking for “more” while establishing eye contact, you will start to see these benefits the more the bubbles are played with.

Bubbles are also a good way to teach how to follow directions.

Creating different games to play like poking them, jumping on them or squeezing the bubbles to pop will allow your child to listen to directions while having fun. You can add in directions like “pop it with your elbow” or “stomp on them with your foot”, which also helps identify body parts.

If you are noticing your child could use extra help in some of these areas please click here to request an appointment.

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