What Are The Common Types Of Equipment Used In Aquatic Therapy?

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Have you ever heard of aquatic therapy? This therapy is actually useful when a person wants to relax become fit or be rehabilitated physically. The method is so effective but it will not just work with the help of a therapist and that pool where the session will be held. It also requires a set of equipment (you can call them your lifesavers) that will help you feel more comfortable during the therapy. Get to know the common equipment used in these sessions.

Bubble back floats

These sets of equipment are very much helpful for first-time swimmers who want to give aquatic therapy a try. Though commonly used by toddlers or kids, they are also reliable pieces that adults can make use of.  They are basically made of layers of foam panels and are considered helpful for swimmers learning movements related to stroke development. This special equipment will also be of much help for people with special needs, even those suffering from cerebral palsy.

Budget barbells

These special barbells are well-loved by individuals who are into aquatic therapy and are wanting to have that kind of balance and support that will help them while exploring the water. This equipment helps much in both resistance exercises and water-related activities. They are not heavy at all because they are made of foam. What makes them even more special is the fact that they come in cushioned handles that make every patient have an easier time while using these pieces.

Water running belts

These are the belts that are specifically worn around the waist and are used with water exercises during aquatic therapy sessions. These belts keep the body in an upright position making sure that the water is at the patient’s shoulder level. These can help prevent you from possibilities of tipping forward during the course of the session. They provide that kind of stability that you have always wanted most especially during deep-water activities.

Foam collars

When you feel like water running belts are not enough to keep you in place during deep water exercises then you can always invest in foam collars. These pieces of equipment will help keep your head still above water. These are much better options over inflatables since they can be perfectly paired with those weighted pieces of equipment that are used during traction water exercises.

Aquatic paddles

Together with barbells, aquatic paddles can be categorized under pieces of equipment that can be used for an actual aquatic exercise. The paddles aim at toning down the body while also strengthening the upper body muscles. They can also be relied upon even when you are performing the most strenuous activities under water. A pair of paddles will help you fulfill cross training in water.

These sets of equipment are great investments to include on your list when considering undergoing aquatic therapy but of course without an expert therapist to help you, the endeavor will be useless. It pays to get the help of professional therapists then.

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