4 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing A Physical Therapy Clinic

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It goes almost without saying that physical therapy in Connecticut is becoming more and more popular by the day. It gets better with the fact that doctors often recommend different physical therapy procedures for their patients. To that extent alone, it is safe to conclude that physical therapy is here to stay.

Unfortunately, not everyone has something good to say about physical therapy. It is easy to understand why. Most people hardly take time to research on physical therapy procedures. They ‘randomly’ pick a physical therapist online. Such kind of negligence can easily lead to undesired results. Avoid such scenarios by asking yourself the following questions before visiting a selected physical therapy center or clinic.

What kind of a physical therapist will I be seeing?

Some therapists specialize in exercise therapy while others specialize in manual therapy. They are both therapists all the same. If you have a condition that needs to be treated with palliative modalities or massage, then by all means go for a therapist that has specialized in manual therapy. But if on the other hand you have a sensitive condition like say multiple sclerosis, go for a therapist that has special knowledge on both exercise and manual therapy.

How much will I pay?

It is hard to know for sure if your healthcare insurance covers some forms of physical therapy. You can easily assume you are covered, only to find out later that you are not. By then, you will have spent a lot on physically therapy sessions. The best you can do to ensure you don’t end up spending a lot is request for a list of billing codes. You can then find out what each session will cost you and plan your finances accordingly. Note that your physical therapist may not know how much you will be charged. He or she can however, assist you know a thing or two about some common codes. Be sure to call your insurance provider for further clarification on what kind of therapy is covered and what’s not.

Will I stick to the same therapist till the end?

This is extremely important. It is in fact one of the first questions you should your physical therapist. Some clinics offer their clients the luxury of seeing the same physical therapist for each treatment, while others don’t. Others offer the same luxury upon request. It is therefore up top you to ask.

How long does each session last?

This is also important because it can significantly affect your wallet. Most physical therapy sessions last for 60 minutes. But with high deductible plans and high rise of health savings accounts, you may wish to reduce the cost of each physical therapy treatment you attend by requesting for a 15 or 30 minute treatment. A good physical therapist should be able to provide you with an abbreviated treatment to help you manage your health costs. Remember to request for this kind of ‘specialized therapy’. It may only be available upon request. Then note that knowing how each therapy lesson will last can also help you to plan your schedule well and adjust your day to day activities to make time for the therapy sessions.

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