Can Speech Therapy and SLPs Help with Reading Disabilities?

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Reading is an absolutely essential life skill. Almost every aspect of modern life hinges on literacy and the ability to read, write, and comprehend the written word—something that’s only becoming more true as we move further into the age of the information economy.

That’s why when a child faces difficulties when learning how to read, the issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible so that literacy can be nurtured.

There are many reasons why children may struggle with reading, among which are learning disabilities such as dyslexia as well as various language disorders that may coincide with speech difficulties.

When a child faces reading difficulties rooted in an underlying language disorder, speech therapy administered by a trained speech language pathologist (SLP) can often help immensely.

How are Language-Based Learning Disabilities Diagnosed?

When a child has trouble reading, diagnosing the core of the problem is important to realize what the best treatment options are. General learning disabilities may be treated differently than more specific language impairments.

How do professionals diagnose language-based or language-specific issues? The following signs and symptoms may be looked for:

  • Difficulty expressing thoughts or ideas with verbal or written language
  • Difficulty learning new vocabulary
  • Difficulty learning the words to songs or nursery rhymes
  • Difficulty understanding and following directions

Diagnoses are made with a combination of input and support from parents, teachers, and other professionals such as SLPs. A variety of testing and observational tactics are used to generate specific diagnoses.

How Speech Therapy Can Help Children Overcome Reading Difficulties

A child playing with flashcards as part of a speech therapy regimen.Speech language pathologists are trained in the formation and structure of language, and can provide invaluable help in consulting, evaluating, and treating children with reading difficulties.

Depending on the nature of the impairment, formal speech therapy may be a part of treatment. Here at Cheshire Fitness Zone, our speech language pathologists offer specialized diagnostic and language services by including comprehensive evaluations and treatment for a range of ages and patient needs.

SLPs at Cheshire Fitness Zone build communication in children by providing a fun and creative environment. Areas of treatment include expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders, pragmatic disorders and more.

Pediatric Speech Therapy in Connecticut

If you’re in Connecticut and would like to learn more about how speech therapy at Cheshire Fitness Zone can help your child with reading or other language difficulties, get in touch today by using the form below! Conveniently located in both Cheshire and Meriden, Cheshire Fitness Zone specializes in speech therapy as well as physical and occupational therapy services.

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