Coronavirus Updates


It has been a rough couple of weeks, and we know there are many unanswered questions about COVID-19. Cheshire Fitness Zone is committed to doing what is best for our families.

We spent several hours disinfecting all 3 facilities including waiting rooms, chairs, therapy equipment, mats, tables, tools, and just about everything that we can get our cleaners on!

We will continue to see patients in all 3 facilities. We realize schools are closed and some children may benefit from additional therapies during the time when school services are not being offered so if you would like to come in for additional therapies, and insurance will cover it, we have room to see you!

We are asking families to limit time in waiting rooms, or please remain at a social distance to comply with CDC recommendations. We are happy to bring kids to the cars once dropped off to the office.

As we have more information from the CDC and State we will continue to update you.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Cheshire Fitness Zone Team

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