Therapy Animals to Teach Campers Responsibility and Compassion

child with therapy animal

KELLYS KIDS will be attending Cheshire Fitness Zone’s summer camp.

KELLYS KIDS, INC. provides a quality curriculum of continuity in education through an expanded learning environment outside the traditional school day. They expose youth to new experiences that compliment and amplify their education, including school programs, therapeutic programs, summer camps, and nursing homes.

The program uses farm animals as a tool to teach socialization, respect, responsibility, safety and achievement skills.

The program is educational in many ways including;

  • Learning how to care for another being in a practical way (food, grooming etc.)
  • Integrating the natural affinity the targeted population have in animals and using that interest to assist them with social challenges
  • Assisting the targeted population to accept differences and appreciate those differences Example: Youth in a group situation with the animals will inevitably bond through their common work)
  • Learning about the “Circle of Life” (allowing the targeted population to speak of things that they normally would not talk about (death, sickness, disabilities, etc.)

Call the front desk at (203) 250-9663 or stop by to sign up for camp!

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